Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge. Roundup and start of new week. (51)


Pet2Thank you for all the gorgeous entries this week.  Here they are:

scrapydodog wrote…
Trompie has a problem with his mum!

Little Binky wrote…
A milestone..congratulations 🙂

Gail- Moonlight Reflections wrote…
Dakota and Nugget bird-watching and enjoying the sun.

anotherday2paradise wrote…
Here’s my entry, Michelle: Monkey Business

Hope The Happy Hugger wrote…
Fun in the sun.

becca givens wrote…
Happy week everyone full of purrs, woofs and nuzzles!

debooWORKS wrote…
Here’s my entry. Fun contest.

Steve wrote…
Been missing this recently and kind of cheating by reusing a post…

Holley @ Destino wrote…

Sydnee Pee and mom wrote…
another fun week:)

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34 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge. Roundup and start of new week. (51)

  1. So many great entries Michelle! I was late with last week’s entry but I think I made up for this week. LOL!
    Thanks for the lovely challenge hon. ♥ Big Hugs ♥

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  3. Another fun week – what is happening for next week? It will be the Big Birthday Edition! I can never say this enough – Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to play and let our ‘children’ be a part of the WP family. 🙂 xxx lick lick lick

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  5. It is so hard to believe we are rapidly approaching one year mark!!! Awesome! 😀 Thank you for hosting each week; sharing HRH with us, and creatively arranging each week’s roundup! Kudos!!!!

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