If I asked you…

A RoseSomething I read recently.  It was a quotation of some kind.  Unfortunately I can’t remember where I saw it, but it went like this:

If I asked you to list all of the things that you love, what would they be?

(you should make your own list too)

I went ahead and listed all the things I love..

My children

My Mother

My pets

The smell and sound of rain




After I had made my list which was much longer than this one, I read the next question, which was:

“Now tell me, where in that list did you place yourself?…

I placed my self nowhere on that list, did you?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Weekly Pet Share. Happy.

HappyI thought I’d share a this pic of my little dog “Happy.”  He never sits still so its very difficult to take photos of him.  I was very lucky to get this shot.  Happy is always very happy.  What I love about him is how happy he is to see me, always running round me smiling (he really does smile.)  He is such an adorable little dog. 🐶PetLogo

It’s Ugly.

I have crocheted many blankets/throws over the years because I don’t like sitting idle.  At times I just crochet blocks and when I have mounds of blocks I sew them together and make different types of blankets.  They generally come out ok.  Recently I found a bag of odd balls of wool tucked away in my cupboard, so I decided to crochet those balls of wool into blocks as well.  This is what one of the blankets looked like:
IMG_0903-privateNothing to write home about, but its not that bad. (bad photo) It is very soft to touch. Then with the other lot of wool I made was has been described as very ugly. 🙀 My mom thinks its beautiful, but then she’s my mom…anyway, here it is, judge for yourself.IMG_0906It all depends on taste I suppose…

Weekly Pet Share. September round-up.

Pet2Pet3Pet1A very warm thank you to all who took part for the month of September!  Here they are:

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Please feel free to post as many times as you wish during the month.  Please remember to add your link to The Mister Linky on my sidebar in order to be part of the round-up.