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My Cat-private

This is my entry for this weeks “Weekly Pet Share.”  Most  visitors here will immediately recognise this handsome kitty.  For those who don’t know him, he is my precious and adored cat.  Stage Name: His Royal Highness.

Just a reminder that due to limited time the “Weekly Pet Share” round-up will be at the end of each month, but you are welcome to continue posting and adding your weekly shares to Mister Linky on my side bar 🌸


Weekly Pet Share 🐱 Round up and important notice 🐶

Pet1 A warm thank you to all who took part this week.  Please note that due to there not being enough hours in the day, I will be doing monthly round ups.  Please feel free to continue posting and sharing as many times as you wish; just be sure to pop your links in the “Mister Linky” on my sidebar.  The next round-up will be 31 May 2015. Here they are:

kimberly and sydnee pee Raewyn Forbes Little Binky
Emily becca givens
Passionately Bored Lor B


Last Night’s Moon

Last nights moonI was so in awe of the moon last night that I just had to go outside and try to get a photo of it.  There is just no comparison at all though, in real life the moon was just most awesomely awesome.  My photo just does not do it any justice.

Why a woman…


The Daily Prompt asks; What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?


Well, we would all be a bunch of huggers.  We don’t have to be people huggers, we could be animal huggers, tree huggers or anything you would like to be a hugger of.  We would live beside the sea and build our houses to blend in with nature in every way.  Our religion would be kindness.  We would strive to be at one with nature.

Most important is that we would be a harmonious tribe.  Any non-harmonious types would unfortunately have to be ousted from the community.  The person who manages the community will be a woman.  Why a woman I hear you ask.  Well, because with woman in charge the chances are that the community would be led in a nurturing way..