Favourite Characters

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Todays NaBloPoMo.  Who is your favourite character of all time?

My favourite characters are usually those who make me laugh.  So, I’ll have to place “Basil Fawlty” played by John Cleese in “Fawlty Towers” right on the top of the list.  That automatically also makes me  John Cleese fan too, of course.   I have watched episodes of “Fawlty Towers” over and over, on a few occasions now, and still, Basil Fawlty makes me laugh my socks off.

Coming a close second is “Detective Inspector Derek Grim” played by David Haig in “The Thin Blue Line.”  These are really old comedies, but they can still compete with the best of what is available now.


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“Surely, Thou Doth Jest”


If you are a regular here you will be aware of the goings on in my life over the past two weeks; about the lightning striking an outside pole, the power failure for three days, my laptop crashing, the extreme slowness of my old laptop.

Yesterday, I was able to get online with the laptop manufacturer who helped restore my laptop, it took about an hour and a half.  When I had eventually fixed my laptop successfully with their help, I heaved a happy sigh of relief. I was quite proud of myself as I did not even lose a single photo.

So, after all this was done I walked down the passage as I thought a cup of coffee would be in order.  Some dark spots on the ceiling caught my attention, and I wondered who did what.  It happened once before that someone opened a coke which was full of gas and it all squirted on the ceiling, making it full of brown marks.  These marks looked the same, so I thought one of the children may have an idea what happened there.

I made my coffee and on my way back to the study, I noticed that the ceiling seemed to be bowing a little and the marks seemed more somehow…  Looking up at the ceiling, hands is the air, I said to the ceiling “No! Surely thou doth jest!”  the ceiling replied with a drop of water landing on my face.

Yep, the geyser burst!  Cold shower this morning! eeek!

BTW, ceilings like being spoken to in old English.


PS: The picture of the Lavender is there to make me feel better.

Idiots twist


Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming.

This has a sort of a twist I suppose.  I thought of this incident (which happened many, many moons ago) the minute I read the prompt.  Picture me as a little girl, sitting in the back of my biological fathers car. Those who have read my blog for sometime will know that my rating of my biological father is not very high.

Anyway, we were going through the very busy city centre of Pretoria.  Suddenly Father blasts the hooter/horn and then leans over and opens the front passenger window, whilst still in transit, he starts shouting and swearing like an uncouth asshole a highly peeved person at the driver in the car next to him, ironically telling the neighbouring driver what an asshole he is…and whilst doing that, father smashes into the car in front of him.

Talk about me having to control my emotions.  I had to keep a straight face whilst wanting to burst with laughter at the whole situation  🙂