Day 5, 5 day B &W Photo Challenge


Sadly, it is my last day of this challenge.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you have not done this challenge yet and wish to do so, well then I nominate you.  Just go for it.

Happy Pup.


This precious little boy is my daughters little dog, but since she is not home that much anymore, he is with me a lot of the time.  He is three  years old now, so not really a pup anymore.  He and I have had some meaningful conversations lately.

I have blogged about him before, but as he can see, he is a very difficult subject to photograph.  He very seldom sits still.  One of the things about him that always catches my eye is his smile.  He often looks as though he is grinning.  He has a very happy way about him which is quite infectious.  Very good medicine for me.


My Entry: New baby


We have a new little kitty here in our household.  I have found that HRH (our resident kitty) seems very lonely since the old girl disappeared, so after much discussion the girls thought that it would be nice to have a new kitty for HRH and for them too, and here she is.

She is the sweetest little girl.  It seems as though she is going to be called “Mitzi” inspired by the look of white mittens on her paws.  She is quite full of fleas at the moment (which is being dealt with) and a very leaky eye.  I have muti for both, but I am just a bit worried about her eye.  I will see if it does not improve in a day or two, then I’ll have to get something else from the vet.

HRH is not particularly impressed, but I think he will surrender to her charms eventually.  I read up on how to introduce a new kitty into the family when there is an existing resident cat, so I am trying to work with him according to the advice given.  He seems a little better today about her today.  I told him that he is still the king of the castle and we all still love him very much ❤


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