Changes and Round-up: Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge. Start of New week (71)


Thank you for all the lovely entries.  As you know, the collage above is made up from a bit of each entry.  Here are all the links for you to visit:

Gattina Sunflowers and Coffee Silver Threading
Sydnee pee and mom becca givens Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man
Jennifer’s Journal Living With My Ancestors Emily
Steve Little Binky
The Daily Junior Blog Handmade, Homegrown, Beautiful Life
Daily Musing Gail


For a while now the word “Challenge” has been bothering me, because this event (Michelle’s Weekly pet Challenge) is not a challenge, it is more about sharing photos of our lovely furry friends.  I feel the word “share” is more appropriate. I have decided to give the “Pet Challenge” a new name and therefore a new logo too.

The “Weekly Pet Share” is not on only exclusively for pets, but it is also a chance for you to share photos of animals you have the pleasure of knowing, maybe family or friends pets.  All animal photos are most welcome.

You are welcome to use the new logo as seen above.  Here is a smaller version for you to copy:PetLogo

Everything will continue on the Pet challenge as usual, just adding the changes of the name and the logo.

The new week starts today, Week 71.  Remember to add you link to the “Mister Linky” on my side bar if you would like your entry to be in the round-up and collage next week.

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (70)


Thank you for all the wonderful entries.  Here they are:

Sydnee Pee and kimberly becca givens Lor B
Amanda Lakey Guy & Simba Michelle
Raewyn Forbes Amanda at Forestwoodfolkart
Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man Quarksire’s Happy New Years 2015 wish

The new week is open (week 70.)  Please only add your link to “Mister Linky” if you wish to be added to the round up at the end of the week.  “Mister Linky” widget is on my side bar.  Click on the logo below for more details on how to take part. 💞


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (67)


A warm thank you to all who took part.  Here they are:

Sydnee Pee and Kimberly Tree Rabold Annabelle Franklin
Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man Love Happy Notes Living With My Ancestors
Raewyn Forbes becca givens Wandering Iris
Elke Michelle
Tree Rabold Gail

The new week (67) starts today.

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (66)



A warm thank you to all who took part last week:

Nato Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man Living With My Ancestors
Daily Musing blogagaini Michelle
Sydnee Pee and Jordan Carol Roe Elke
Wandering Iris Holley @ Destino Little Binky and Granny
Raewyn Forbes becca givens
Lor B Silver Threading

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Happy Pup.


This precious little boy is my daughters little dog, but since she is not home that much anymore, he is with me a lot of the time.  He is three  years old now, so not really a pup anymore.  He and I have had some meaningful conversations lately.

I have blogged about him before, but as he can see, he is a very difficult subject to photograph.  He very seldom sits still.  One of the things about him that always catches my eye is his smile.  He often looks as though he is grinning.  He has a very happy way about him which is quite infectious.  Very good medicine for me.


Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (59)


A warm thank you to all who took part:

Elke wrote…
Karlchen after fighting the neighbourcats succesfully and playing with a string. Meow. Satisfied and tired.

scrapydodog wrote…
Poor Jack and Trompie..

Silver Threading wrote…
Here is what Sugar and Spice were up to this week.

Little Binky wrote…
Covering my shadow 🙂

Jennifer Kelland Perry wrote…
Two kitties enjoying dreamy sleep 🙂

Gail- Moonlight Reflections wrote…
Nugget and Dakota having fun with a cereal box.

Hope The Happy Hugger wrote…

Kitty should get an Oscar

Living With My Ancestors wrote…
Two down, five to go! 😉

Ute Lark wrote…

becca givens wrote…
Sleepy head boy!

Jennifer Nichole Wells wrote…
My 2 year old, Wolfgang, who adopted us 5 months ago. And my first time entering the challenge. Thank you for hosting!!

MyWearyMind wrote…
I’m surrounded by the love of my furbabies, so much so that I can’t write my blog! 🙂

Raewyn Forbes wrote…
Birds serenading the sunset.

Sydnee Pee and mom wrote…
This is a glance into the world of Tum Tum 🙂



Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (57)


Thank you to all who took part.  Here they are:

Amanda Calitz wrote…
My two babies

Deb wrote…
My new fur baby, Phoebe, and entry into the challenge this week

anotherday2paradise wrote…
Here’s my entry for this week.Dear Lucca is a regular visitor to Grandma’s house.

Amanda Lakey wrote…
Hi Michelle, My take on the story Billy Goat Gruff.

Little Binky wrote…
I have to catch me some sunbeams, before the weather changes 😀

blogagaini wrote…
Woody in his domain filled with rainbow colors.

becca givens wrote…
Happy Kiddo’s Day!! 🙂

Hope the Happy Hugger wrote…
HRH on the prowl

Hermann aka Newsferret wrote…
HI Michelle, here another contribution. May be the final for three weeks as we are off to Switzerland to visit the kids.

Raewyn Forbes wrote…
An adorable sparrow.

Sydnee Pee and Kimberly wrote…
Pee needs a little fun – always looking forward to hanging out with her buddee’s 🙂


Please remember to add your entry to “Mister Linky” to be part of the round-up ❤

Start of week 57