Our New Little Kitty

Hello Blog friends.ūüėė¬†This charming young lady is the latest addition to my family. ¬†She is my youngest daughter’s little cat. ¬†She is such a little charmer. ¬†Just like my precious Royal Highness, she is also a rescue kitty. ¬†They are the best of friends. ¬†Hermione

“Rows and Flows of Angel Hair”

Clouds-privateI was sitting outside trying to get some sun recently, deep in though about my very dear friend, silently praying for my friend. I looked up and saw this amazing cloud with a silver lining.¬†The photo hardly shows the magnificence of the moment. ¬†Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera in my hands at that time. ¬†Nature is unstoppable in all its majestic beauty.

Our clouds do block the sun at times, and at times they also have silver linings.  I hope your cloud has a silver lining today.

I couldn’t stop this old Joni Mitchell song from playing in my mind. ¬†Here are some of the words.

“Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons everywhere
I’ve looked at clouds that way

But now they only block the sun
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
But clouds got in my way”

Both Sides Now, Joni Mitchell


little Buddha-privateFor the WPC I chose this photo. ¬†There’s a lot wrong with it but also a lot right with it. ¬†It was the way the sun was reflecting on my little Buddha that prompted me to take the photo. It works with the theme of “opposites” in a few ways. ¬†The tree is my little Bonsai tree. ¬†It is a new addition to the things I love. ‚̧ԳŹ

Survival of the Mind


I have spent a lot of time being depressed and struggling with my mind as those who read my blog would know. I have spent many a blog post being sad, but also unburdening myself.

My latest dip into the black dog pool took me to a different place this time. I just couldn’t write anymore and because of that it felt as though I was so bottled up with emotions I would explode, but it did lead me in a different direction. I swapped a Psychologist for a spiritual healer, and I took up yoga again. I also only take one medication now.

I’ve realised that the quieter I make my mind, so the world and all of its banging and clanging becomes quiet for me too. I’ve found that burning candles and connecting with my angels or spirit guides bring me peace. One of my greatest calming methods is meditation. There is something so very powerful about sitting quietly, with my hands in a praying position, resting on my chest, with my head lowered and in silence. Peace, calm, tranquility and balance takes over. Something I have not had much of throughout my life, but it is something I can freely give myself. Only I have the power to do that for myself. I have also discovered the power of gratitude. The more grateful one is, the higher your vibration.

I have my moments of losing to those little black doggies, but they’re puppies at the moment. I’m doing my best to keep them that way.



The daily prompt today is “Generation.” Interesting word. I was wondering exactly how long a generation is. Of course, I had to Google. Some say it’s 20 years, some say 25 years, and I saw somewhere that the Bible says it’s 70 years.

For myself, I look at it as decades. The children born in the eighties, for instance, are entirely different to those born in the nineties and so on.

By different I mean in the taste of music, the changes in education, different style of clothing and often a different attitude. Even the parents differ from their parents due to the “generation gap” or to my mind the decade gap. We are continually changing and evolving as the years go by.

One thing, though, we are still human beings no matter what the going trend is. We all need love, understanding and kindness, and most of all, open minds.