Photo101: Home

HomeFor photo 101 today we are posting photos of what home means to us.  Living in South Africa we have to have high walls, electric fencing and burglar bars.  I love nature, so within my walls, in my back yard I have a special little place. It is a lovely water feature where ducks and fish live.  I also love all the roses and lavender in my front garden, but I’m sure there’ll be many more opportunities to show those too.  I love the inside of my home too, but I’ll do a few pics later too.

Come walk with me through my garden…

Alysum_Fotor quote


Some flowers in bloom which my little daughter and I planted.
I love Alyssum and have it growing all over.
This is an Australian Tree fern.  I adore it so much.  Apparently they only grow 2 cm per year.  The previous owners planted it here and it’s still going      strong.
A project my little daughter and I are busy with.  We planted the flowers a weekend ago, and decided the the broken bench must stay.  We planted  Sweet peas around it in the hopes that the sweet peas will grow up the bench and would attract the fairies. 🙂
Lavender.  What can I say, I love Lavender and have huge bushes of it growing all over.
The garden frog who seems to spend his life pondering.


I deliberately walk on the Penny-royal just for the smell.  Don’t you just love Penny-royal too?
A little fishpond in the front which needs some work.  The frogs are loving it though.
The big fish pond in the back.
A work in progress.  This little waterfall runs into the fishpond you saw in (3)  I’m trying to get it to look as natural as possible.  I love having flowing water around.  Love the sound and the feel.


 (Above) The Keeper of the Lavender.
My garden has many lovely nooks and crannies which I will show you more of in future posts.
I hope you enjoyed your walk with me.

Purple splotch

orangepansyWhen I get a few minutes to spare I love taking a walk through my garden in the mornings.  This morning I saw this beautiful little Pansy peeping out between some greenery.  I was taken aback by its beautiful colours, and quite honestly don’t remember choosing this particular Pansy as a seedling when I planted them.  I did get a tray where the flowers hadn’t started blooming yet, and what a lovely surprise.  I think the colours are just awesome, and do you notice the little splotch of purple on the petal to the right? Absolute beauty 🙂

For the Daily PromptWhat will your goals for 2014 be? It’s never to early to start thinking about self improvement!

No, I’m tired of beating myself up about where I think I should have goals.  My goal is to keep noticing the the flowers, and the beauty in our universe.