Our New Little Kitty

Hello Blog friends.😘 This charming young lady is the latest addition to my family.  She is my youngest daughter’s little cat.  She is such a little charmer.  Just like my precious Royal Highness, she is also a rescue kitty.  They are the best of friends.  Hermione


little Buddha-privateFor the WPC I chose this photo.  There’s a lot wrong with it but also a lot right with it.  It was the way the sun was reflecting on my little Buddha that prompted me to take the photo. It works with the theme of “opposites” in a few ways.  The tree is my little Bonsai tree.  It is a new addition to the things I love. ❤️



The daily prompt today is “Generation.” Interesting word. I was wondering exactly how long a generation is. Of course, I had to Google. Some say it’s 20 years, some say 25 years, and I saw somewhere that the Bible says it’s 70 years.

For myself, I look at it as decades. The children born in the eighties, for instance, are entirely different to those born in the nineties and so on.

By different I mean in the taste of music, the changes in education, different style of clothing and often a different attitude. Even the parents differ from their parents due to the “generation gap” or to my mind the decade gap. We are continually changing and evolving as the years go by.

One thing, though, we are still human beings no matter what the going trend is. We all need love, understanding and kindness, and most of all, open minds.

The Streets of Sacrifice.


I have always thought of sacrifices as being noble, doing the right thing even if it is hard for us to do. I have made my sacrifices in life. I have tried my best to make the right decisions in the choices with the sacrifices I’ve made.

In hindsight, I’ve learnt that making a sacrifice is not necessarily a good thing if you’ve made the wrong choice and sacrificed incorrectly. Some of our choices will only prove to be the right or wrong choices over time when we can see the outcome of those decisions.

I am naturally hesitant to go into detail about my personal sacrifice, but I will say that I was wrong while trying to do right. My little knowledge acquired recently from the school of life is that it doesn’t mean that a sacrifice is the right thing to do because it is a sacrifice.

We could make the wrong sacrifice, but how are we to know the outcome of our sacrifice without having ridden the wave of it. No matter how noble you think you’re being, it is not always necessarily the right choice.

Sometimes the right thing is not sacrificing at all but rather being proactive without the sacrifice. This, of course, will not apply to all decisions, but it will apply to some.

“Regrets, I’ve had a few” if I could quote from Frank Sinatra’s song, My Way.

I calm my soul with the thought that my the sacrifices I made were made with good intentions and love.


Lighting Candles

IMG_2403-privateI’m not too sure where and when I started lighting candles, but I light them often.  I light candles for people I know who are going through difficult times in their lives.  I light them just simply for love of someone, and every now and then I light a candle for myself.

I know in many religions people light candles.  Mine is not so much because of my religion, I don’t even have a religion anymore, I don’t think any religion would want me, lol….It’s just that somehow it gives me comfort, the light in the dark.

I have so many candles that have burnt right down to the bottom.  I have trouble throwing them away when they’ve reached their end.  I have no idea why, possibly because I have burnt them for the reasons I mentioned above.  Today Im lighting my own candle for feeling so broken hearted.  I wonder if it will help.

“But happiness is just an illusion,
Filled with sadness and confusion.”