Sunday Selfie and Eyeliner…

Precious kitty-p

My dear kitty, His Royal Highness, gets a bit tired of me with my camera.  Today, he was feeling a little like pouncing on my Nikon…but after I showed him his pic he thought it would be a good idea to join in on  the “The Cat on my Head”  so that all could see what purrfect natural eyeliner he has been blessed with.

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Tired Royal.

Sleepy“I am such a tired kitty, but my mom just wont leave me alone with her camera. Being an extremely handsome royal has its problems too, you know.”


Not Just a Pretty Face.


His Royal Highness and I had a little chat again.  I asked him if there was anything he’d like to tell everyone about his Sunday Selfie today; he said that he would like everyone to know that he  is not just a pretty face.

I agree with him on that because he is also a qualified kitty psychologist for his mom (that’s me of course.)  He listens to everything I have to say with quiet understanding..  He knows that purring and squishing his eyes at me makes me feel much better, and to top it all off, he also lets me slide my cold feet under him at night without one little grumble.Cat4-300x300PetLogo

My Entry: Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge


My lounge curtains had to come down for some work on the windows.  As you can see HRH thought that the curtains were especially thrown over the couch for his convenience.  I thought he looked rather royal in the curtains, so naturally, I took a photo.  I didn’t realise that the flash was on, hence HRH’s alien eyes in this shot.  I thought this was the ideal time for a photo shoot with the little royal, but as you can see he was really, oh so tired…


 Incidentally, my curtains are not that bright, they are quite a dark shade, it’s just the flash making them look all gaudy.
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Naughty Little Royal.


I know these pictures are not of the best quality, but I had to grab my cell phone to catch HRH’s antics immediately.  This is the basket for the two cats. HRH has claimed the top bunk and the old girl (my daughters cat) likes to sleep in the bottom bunk.  Today HRH was being really mischievous again.  He does this often and I have posted a similar photo before.
All the old girl wanted to do was to have a nice little nap, but HRH had other ideas.  The photo above is him giving the old girl a hard time.  Even though you can’t see much of her, she is sleeping inside there.    The next photo is when I ask him why he is bothering her so much.  He stops to look at me.
 And then of course he just ignores me and keeps trying to play with the old girl who is still inside there.
He knows he is just too adorable for words.

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My Entry: Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge.


I know that this is not a well taken photo, but I thought I’d share it anyway.  I found it quite ironic that it looks as though the little birds embroidered on the cushion appear to be watching HRH so sweetly, whilst back at the ranch, I have to get him a little bell collar…
As for the embroidered bugs on the other pillow, don’t know why, but I like it 🙂
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