About kissing.

Flowers from my garden.

Flowers from my garden.

I might have mentioned this before, but I do not like all the kissing which happens over Christmas and New Year.  What is it about everyone who wants to kiss on the lips? I must be a bit of a fuddy-duddy then because I cannot handle it; especially when the family gets together and all the uncles, aunts, grannies, nephews and nieces must all kiss slap bang on the mouth.  It is most certainly nothing near a proper kiss, like a first kiss for instance, or a kiss from someone special.  This is just pure bad manners in my opinion.

I really prefer the hollywood kiss with a hug and a mock mwah, mwah on each cheek, rather than a sloppy,
kiss.  Ugh!  Is there something wrong with me?  I have no problem with kissing in general, but I would like to be able to decline a kiss from a person who is going to grab me and plant a wet sponge like kiss on my lips.

I may have offended a few people over the holidays because I started turning my face away.  

What is your opinion about all this kissing going on?

I’m not happy with Naked People


You remember when we all got our “2013 year in blogging?”   Most bloggers shared their reports with us.  I chose not to because I was feeling a bit sheepish about mine.  You would probably be wondering why.  Well, I’ll tell you why…

My most viewed post was one of the “Michelle’s Pet Challenge”  posts.  It was one of the very first posts in the pet challenge.  That is fine by me, and I was happy that the Pet Challenge should be on the top of the list, but my second most read and searched for post was this post.
Now, those of you who know me well by now would know that I don’t really write about that sort of thing, it’s just this once off when I was really irritated.  I would like to think that I have written much more deeply than that second most read post 😉
Then, to add the sheepish feeling cherry on the top. there was this third most read post.  Now I ask you with tears in my eyes?
These posts are not the most commented on, but they are the most searched for and viewed.  I wonder who searches stuff like this, is it a specific generation?  Who knows?  Thing is though, I thought I had written better stuff than that.

A matter of opinion.


Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?

If we have a bad reputation, we might not exactly know about it, because human nature is so that there will be whispers behind ones back, and things will be said that our own ears might never hear.  Often reputations may not even be true, regardless of whether it is a good reputation or a bad reputation.

“Just because something isn’t a lie does not mean that it isn’t deceptive. A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”

Criss Jami

Do I have a reputation?  Well I don’t really know.  There have been complaints about my *Hugs* on blogs sometime ago, so maybe I have a reputation of being a hugger.  You know, in real life, I don’t go around hugging people as you might think.  I am, in fact, very careful about the hug and will only give it when it is asked for or when I know the person really well.  BTW, my little daughter says that I give the best hugs in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD.
Yes, I have had people who have had opinions of me through the years, but I no longer really care about what “they” think.
So the answer to the question, no I don’t have a reputation, and if I do, if its good then great but if not, well then I don’t really care .


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Standing in judgement – an on the couch post.


We all judge people, no matter how much we think we don’t or say we don’t.  I think it is natural human instinct to judge.  When we meet someone new, we automatically make an assessment.  It is how we make the assessment that is the crux of the matter.  If we are judging another according to their clothes and jewellery, well then that judgement will be on that particular superficial level, and we may miss a few points which may be of interest.
If we are are analysing what others say and their behaviour towards ourselves and other people, well that is judgement too.  I think it is almost impossible not to judge or assess.  In this world it has become a necessity.  One needs to be able to pin-point those who may be harmful individuals and those that are not.  I’m not saying that everyone is a harmful person at all, but we need to know where we stand at all times.
The reason I am thinking in this way is because I often just took most people at face value only to find I was very wrong.  I was very naive in many ways.  In my judgement of myself now, looking back, I reckon it was because I had a person in my young life who meant harm to me, and I thought that he was the only one, but did not realise the world is dotted with people like this all over.
We are told not to judge.  For the Christians the Bible tells people not to judge.  Perhaps I don’t understand judgement fully.   Perhaps we are allowed to judge (whitely) like a white lie, but not act upon that judgement, but rather be aware and listen to our intuition.
Is it judgemental to listen to our intuition or make assessments? I think not.  Our brains are constantly formulating opinions, and I think our intuition plays a huge role in our thought process.
Now that I’ve managed to get the words out of what has been turning around in my mind, my conclusion it that it is ok to make an assessment of an individual as long as it is in protection of our nearest and dearest, ourselves and others of course..  It is not ok to judge people who are not causing any harm, but whose views may be different to ours and who live their lives in a different way to ours.
Thank you for listening/reading.  I would value your thoughts on this?



For today’s prompt: Tell us about the time when you performed a secret random act of kindness — where the recipient of your kindness never found out about your good deed. How did the deed go down?

If we tell then it would not be a secret anymore, would it?  I don’t believe that we should broadcast our acts of kindness.  I feel it is more fulfilling to perform acts of kindness quietly, and even secretly if it is needed. There are times when we need to protect the dignity of others, and in helping them we have a chance to practice our own sense, and level of confidentiality.
Many of us have done good deeds.  Some have had good deeds done for them, and more often than not, those deeds have been done so secretly that not even the benefactor would know who did the deed for them.  There are times when we are moved to do something good for someone else without having any notion on the impact that random act will make on a life.  I have experienced having a good deed being done for myself, and for that I am grateful, and will never forget.
 “How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.”
William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

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I am so mad!


My mom is and elderly lady in her seventies, who has only a few prized possessions.  She is not poor, but also definitely not rolling in dough.  She makes ends meet.  She had a few special little things that she considered to be luxuries, such as a laptop, cell phone and a new TV.
A few days ago, “they” broke into her house which she shares with another elderly person.  The house is very modest.  From the outside one would not think that there are great treasures to be found there.   Stealing from any category of wealth is wrong, but even more wrong is when the thieves are stealing from the vulnerable who work at keeping their heads above the water.
I am so grateful that my mom was not at home when they broke in.  I have replaced her cell phone, which she has accepted, but simply point blank refuses help with the other things.  I will keep an eye on that, and fortunately Christmas is around the corner.  Santa might surprise her with an item or two.
I read just recently that The Netherlands have closed, or are in the process of closing quite a few of their prisons due to a shortage of prisoners.  I can hear the wise cracks about it’s because weed is legal there.  Edit:  I was wondering what they had done right, but have edited since angelswhisper’s comment – please see her comment in the comments section.  


greenKhalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words.

What would your seven words be?

My seven words are not be words as such,
but attitudes…
seven words for the attitudes of humans.
With these attitudes the correct words will flow.