Weekly Pet Share Round-up. October 2015.


A warm thank you to all who took part.  Here they are:


Weekly Pet Share. September round-up.

Pet2Pet3Pet1A very warm thank you to all who took part for the month of September!  Here they are:

Passionately Bored Little Binky Steve
Susanspetblog Passionately Bored Passionately Bored
Linda Arthur Tejera becca givens ute lark
Kay and Lieutenant Pumpkin Linda Arthur Tejera Geese in a row
Little Binky Self Approval Sonel’s World
Passionately Bored Quarksire 🙂 Linda Arthur Tejera
Guinness’ Selfie Sandy Hogan
Royal Ninja Kitty Little Binky

Please feel free to post as many times as you wish during the month.  Please remember to add your link to The Mister Linky on my sidebar in order to be part of the round-up.


Weekly Pet Share. July Round-up. 🐶


Pet2A very warm thank you to all who took part this month.  Here they are:

Roundup for May “Weekly Pet Share.”


A very warm thank you to all those who shared with us this month:  Here they are:

1. kimberly and sydnee pee 9. scrapydodog 17. Jennifer Nichole Wells
2. Basiga @ blogagaini 10. Basiga @ blogagaini 18. kimberly and pee
3. Raewyn Forbes 11. Michelle 19. Passionately Bored
4. becca givens 12. Raewyn Forbes 20. Raewyn Forbes
5. Living With My Ancestors 13. Passionately Bored 21. becca givens
6. Quarksire – Top of da werld 2 U 14. The Carrs – Life Happens  22. Little Binky
7. Lor B 15. Little Binky
8. Little Binky 16. Eagles

The next round-up will be at the end of June, but you are welcome to continue posting your weekly Pet Share posts to the “Mister Linky” on my side bar throughout the month of June. xx


Weekly Pet Share. Round-up and start of new week (84)



Thank you to all for participating.  This is a round up of the past two weeks.  Here they are, please pop over and give them a visit 💞

Kimberly and Sydnee Pee Elke Sherri Matthews
Passionately Bored Emily Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man
Raewyn Forbes Little Binky Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man
becca givens Kimberly C Little Binky
Living With My Ancestors Kimberly and Sydnee Pee Steve 
Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man Lor B
mira becca givens
blogagaini Passionately Bored