Learning little lessons…

DSC_1240-privateAnyone who has either visited South Africa or who lives here will know what I’m talking about when I say that the roads are in a shocking condition. One of the roads I travel on every day is a hit and miss affair. One has to pay extra attention to the holes in the road if you don’t want a flat by driving right into one of them. Surprisingly, one of these are being fixed.

My youngest daughter, who has just turned nine, and I were driving along on one of these roads. We were discussing the way the road is being tarred. She thought they were doing it properly, and I thought it was just not up to scratch. So, her and I were having a little friendly debate about this. I started my next sentence by saying “well, in my humble opinion…” She stopped me right there and said “Mom, you’re allowed to have opinions about anything, but the thing is, your opinion is not always that humble.” I was totally floored. It caused me to think about how my opinions are truly not humble that sometimes my opinions are quite arrogant.

My little daughter, whom I see as an old soul, has taught me quite a few lessons so far in her beautiful nine years. I thought I’d share one of them with you.