Survival of the Mind


I have spent a lot of time being depressed and struggling with my mind as those who read my blog would know. I have spent many a blog post being sad, but also unburdening myself.

My latest dip into the black dog pool took me to a different place this time. I just couldn’t write anymore and because of that it felt as though I was so bottled up with emotions I would explode, but it did lead me in a different direction. I swapped a Psychologist for a spiritual healer, and I took up yoga again. I also only take one medication now.

I’ve realised that the quieter I make my mind, so the world and all of its banging and clanging becomes quiet for me too. I’ve found that burning candles and connecting with my angels or spirit guides bring me peace. One of my greatest calming methods is meditation. There is something so very powerful about sitting quietly, with my hands in a praying position, resting on my chest, with my head lowered and in silence. Peace, calm, tranquility and balance takes over. Something I have not had much of throughout my life, but it is something I can freely give myself. Only I have the power to do that for myself. I have also discovered the power of gratitude. The more grateful one is, the higher your vibration.

I have my moments of losing to those little black doggies, but they’re puppies at the moment. I’m doing my best to keep them that way.



The daily prompt today is “Generation.” Interesting word. I was wondering exactly how long a generation is. Of course, I had to Google. Some say it’s 20 years, some say 25 years, and I saw somewhere that the Bible says it’s 70 years.

For myself, I look at it as decades. The children born in the eighties, for instance, are entirely different to those born in the nineties and so on.

By different I mean in the taste of music, the changes in education, different style of clothing and often a different attitude. Even the parents differ from their parents due to the “generation gap” or to my mind the decade gap. We are continually changing and evolving as the years go by.

One thing, though, we are still human beings no matter what the going trend is. We all need love, understanding and kindness, and most of all, open minds.

The Streets of Sacrifice.


I have always thought of sacrifices as being noble, doing the right thing even if it is hard for us to do. I have made my sacrifices in life. I have tried my best to make the right decisions in the choices with the sacrifices I’ve made.

In hindsight, I’ve learnt that making a sacrifice is not necessarily a good thing if you’ve made the wrong choice and sacrificed incorrectly. Some of our choices will only prove to be the right or wrong choices over time when we can see the outcome of those decisions.

I am naturally hesitant to go into detail about my personal sacrifice, but I will say that I was wrong while trying to do right. My little knowledge acquired recently from the school of life is that it doesn’t mean that a sacrifice is the right thing to do because it is a sacrifice.

We could make the wrong sacrifice, but how are we to know the outcome of our sacrifice without having ridden the wave of it. No matter how noble you think you’re being, it is not always necessarily the right choice.

Sometimes the right thing is not sacrificing at all but rather being proactive without the sacrifice. This, of course, will not apply to all decisions, but it will apply to some.

“Regrets, I’ve had a few” if I could quote from Frank Sinatra’s song, My Way.

I calm my soul with the thought that my the sacrifices I made were made with good intentions and love.


No, don’t vanish!

DuckssYou have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!


I’ll have to choose a favourite thing, because I have some really favourite people, and choosing one of them would be so very difficult.  My choices with the favourite thing would be either be my computer or my camera.  The thing is that they both go hand in hand, because the photos I take are always loaded on the computer to use in blog posts and a few other things.

The camera gets me to go places I might not have gone to before.  If I know there will be a photo opportunity I will always grab an outing with both hands.  The camera helps me to focus on nature and the beauty in the world around us.  I notice things much more than I would have before my photo taking days.  I now see the wonderful patterns and designs on the ducks feathers, the beautiful shades of blue in the evenings and of course every pretty little freckle on certain people’s faces.  Photography is a wonderful hobby for me.  I know I am an amateur hence the name I sign my photos with, its is meant to be a playful non serious signature.  I hope it is seen that way.

Now, as for my computer.  Those of you who visit here often will know that I am a very reserved person who does not mix well.  I know it is all my fault because I do have a bit of a reclusive personality I suppose.  My computer is my life line in the social aspect, because I have so many dear and valued blog friends which I would not have had were it not for my computer.   If these two items were to vanish because I did not explain well enough why I need them, I would surely cry.  😢

Embracing the icky 😝

Duck from the pond

Duck from the pond

Todays Daily Prompt: Embrace the Ick

Think of something that truly repulses you. Hold that thought until your skin squirms. Now, write a glowing puff piece about its amazing merits.


What an unusual prompt for today. I am ashamed to say that I don’t like frogs. I don’t know if the reason is that I am terrified of them or if it is because of the sort of green sliminess about them. I would not like to hold a frog and cringe inwardly when I see children holding them and examining them. Just imagine if I lived in a fairytale, I would never kiss the frog. When I said that I was ashamed of this, I meant it, I really feel ashamed that I should have a dislike for a living creature. I don’t like feeling that way.

I have two fish ponds at my house. One big one in the back garden and one small little one in the front, and they both have frogs around them. I don’t mind them being around the ponds because it is natural for them, and they need to be there for their survival.

Now the merits. I adore the sounds they make at night. The Night sounds. When everyone is fast asleep, and all the lights are off, it is the most awesome and wonderful thing to listen to the night sounds and the main contributor to this awesome natural music is the frogs.

About kissing.

Flowers from my garden.

Flowers from my garden.

I might have mentioned this before, but I do not like all the kissing which happens over Christmas and New Year.  What is it about everyone who wants to kiss on the lips? I must be a bit of a fuddy-duddy then because I cannot handle it; especially when the family gets together and all the uncles, aunts, grannies, nephews and nieces must all kiss slap bang on the mouth.  It is most certainly nothing near a proper kiss, like a first kiss for instance, or a kiss from someone special.  This is just pure bad manners in my opinion.

I really prefer the hollywood kiss with a hug and a mock mwah, mwah on each cheek, rather than a sloppy,
kiss.  Ugh!  Is there something wrong with me?  I have no problem with kissing in general, but I would like to be able to decline a kiss from a person who is going to grab me and plant a wet sponge like kiss on my lips.

I may have offended a few people over the holidays because I started turning my face away.  

What is your opinion about all this kissing going on?

Could it be me?

Splashy Moment

Splashy Moment

The above photo is for “Photography101.”  Generally watching this swan is a very calming affair, except for this day, when he gave me a real show with lots of splashing and spreading of wings.

The Daily Prompt:

We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?

I have no one in my family who fits this description…and thinking about that led me to think that eccentric person in my family who does the strangest things might just very well be me.  

Should I be worried about coming to this conclusion?