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For WPC this week, Face.


Weekly Pet Share. Round-up and start of new week (84)



Thank you to all for participating.  This is a round up of the past two weeks.  Here they are, please pop over and give them a visit 💞

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Raewyn Forbes Little Binky Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man
becca givens Kimberly C Little Binky
Living With My Ancestors Kimberly and Sydnee Pee Steve 
Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man Lor B
mira becca givens
blogagaini Passionately Bored


Weekly Pet Share. Round-up and start of new week (79)

Pet2Pet1A warm thank you for all the shares this week. Please pop over and see their posts.  Here they are:


Yes, I orange glad! (WPC)

The Weekly photo challenge today “Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?” caused me to think of this thing we did as children.  How to answer the phone in colours, it went like this:  Green-Green, Yellow, Pink. 🙂


Weekly Pet Share. Round-up and start of new week (78)

Thank you for all the lovely shares this week.  Here they are:

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Kimberly and Sydnee Pee Waggin Master Little Binky
Emily Michelle Basiga
Raewyn Forbes scrapydodog
becca givens Simba and Guy
2 Brown Dawgs Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man



The new week (78) starts today.


Photo101: Home

HomeFor photo 101 today we are posting photos of what home means to us.  Living in South Africa we have to have high walls, electric fencing and burglar bars.  I love nature, so within my walls, in my back yard I have a special little place. It is a lovely water feature where ducks and fish live.  I also love all the roses and lavender in my front garden, but I’m sure there’ll be many more opportunities to show those too.  I love the inside of my home too, but I’ll do a few pics later too.


Day 5, 5 day B &W Photo Challenge


Sadly, it is my last day of this challenge.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you have not done this challenge yet and wish to do so, well then I nominate you.  Just go for it.