Mid year and the hound


(Vincent Van Gogh died on this day in 1890)

Todays Daily Prompt: Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post.

It is hard to believe that it is mid year already.  The state of my year?  Well, I’ve been really busy, I seem to have too many irons in the fire, idea wise that is.  There are so many things bouncing about in my head that I want to do work wise, but don’t seem to get enough time to actually sit down and get cracking.  I cannot tell you how busy it is inside my head.
Initially, in the beginning of the year the black dog was sitting on my head, but fortunately I have been able to shove him off.  The problem is that he seems to have little black puppies which are constantly nipping at my ankles – I keep kicking them away, but I’ll tell you, it takes a lot of will power and energy.  I have deliberately not written about the black dogs because of trying to get out of their way, and sometimes I feel that if I write about them it’s almost as though I’m opening a little door for them to shine their darkness through.
On another note, I got to do something I didn’t expect to do, and that was to travel to Europe, it was wonderful, and I am happy about that.

photo credit: MicheleLovesArt via photopin cc

21 thoughts on “Mid year and the hound

  1. to travel to Europe would make up for all the bad things in the year. I lived in Germany at one point in my life, and I loved it. It seems like we do conquer problems that come our way, but sometimes what we have swept under the rug continue to peek out, following us until we completely clean house. Don’t feel bad Michelle, I have the same puppies just different names

  2. A trip to Europe must have shaken the Black dogs badly I would have thought… as for too much on the plate and balancing it above your head… we all tend to do this, normally with not too good a result… if we could only come up with one good idea at a time…LOL

    • I agree completely, bulldog. One idea at a time would be easy to handle 🙂 I think a little puppy crept into my bag and accompanied me to Europe, but I ignored him as much as I could 🙂

  3. Unreal that it is mid year already… I battle those little nippers too and I feel the frustrating of how easily they can sink their teeth in. One lesson I’ve learned is that they actually calm down a little when I’m kind to them instead of beating at them with a stick 🙂

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