“Too old to have a good password?”

Vygies(Flowers from my garden)

A little while ago I was watching a TV program about a young guy who was a Cyber Vigilante. In one of the scenes, he was trying to hack his next victim’s account. He struggled to hack this particular account, and then as we can hear what he is thinking, he thinks, “You’re too old to have a good password.”

I keep remembering this part of that program every time I log into one of my accounts. I am certainly no spring chicken, but I do still have a few active marbles in my head and so do many other people my age and older. I don’t have marvellous passwords either though, but if I were heading up some major account, I would make it my business to have a very good password regardless of my age.

The thing is that there is always someone older than you no matter how young you are, and you will always be that someone older to the younger person. Age is about who we are, isn’t it? The average age of the people who run countries are mostly past middle age in general. Is that considered old, not in my eyes.

It also brings me to think of men who go out and purchase sports cars when they reach a certain age. They are often accused of having a midlife crisis, but really, has anyone stopped to consider that they are now financially stable to get the car type of car they’ve wanted all their lives. It might not have anything to do with a crisis?

The point is, though, that we’re never too old to get a new snazzy car. We are never to old to fall in love. We are never too old to find our soulmate. We are never too old to travel and do the things we have always dreamed about. We are most certainly never too old to think up a good password. ¬†We are just simply never too old.