It’s a Sin


My neighbour had the most beautiful, gorgeous, very green and leafy nut-tree growing down the bottom edge of his garden.  A few Sundays ago I was woken by the grating sounds of a chainsaw, only to find that he had people in to cut that glorious tree down.  I was so sad.

When he moved in a few years ago I thought he was lucky to be moving in to a house with such a lovely established garden.  Then it was fuller with lovely shrubs and trees, but he also decided to hack away at them too, although he left the lovely big tree standing.  I was pleased to see that he had not taken that lovely tree down then, but as you have read, he chopped it down now.

I cannot understand why people do this.  This neighbour of mine is doctor,  now surely one would think that he would have a bit more sense than that.  In my eye’s, it is surely is a sin.