Idiots twist


Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming.

This has a sort of a twist I suppose.  I thought of this incident (which happened many, many moons ago) the minute I read the prompt.  Picture me as a little girl, sitting in the back of my biological fathers car. Those who have read my blog for sometime will know that my rating of my biological father is not very high.

Anyway, we were going through the very busy city centre of Pretoria.  Suddenly Father blasts the hooter/horn and then leans over and opens the front passenger window, whilst still in transit, he starts shouting and swearing like an uncouth asshole a highly peeved person at the driver in the car next to him, ironically telling the neighbouring driver what an asshole he is…and whilst doing that, father smashes into the car in front of him.

Talk about me having to control my emotions.  I had to keep a straight face whilst wanting to burst with laughter at the whole situation  🙂