Exhale, but remember to breathe in first!

SmileThe above image is from “positivity Toolbox” on Facebook

Tell us about a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright.

Today is one of those days that I allowed quite a few things to affect me which I should not have let affect me at all.  Sometimes I think it happens when we are just a little low and the guard is down.  It is a pity that one should always be on guard 😦 One of those things are that I broke my own rule (a little while ago) about not making friends or becoming too friendly with another person, in real life that is, not on blogs.  That always, but always comes back to bite a person in the bum – but I wont go into that now, fortunately I am quite adept at reading the signs and have withdrawn from that situation.

Secondly, I had my car in for a service; the things I had asked for to be sorted were sorted, but they caused another problem which was not there before it went in…deep breaths on that one. Lastly, a flash of jealousy shot through me from out of the blue; all about the comparisons I’d made about how I am treated and how I see others being treated by a specific person – I’m also getting so over that too!   All terribly emotional and all jumbled up in a silly little heap. To top it all off my mouth is still not right from the dentist…

So, earlier on the thought of “Practise what you preach” came to mind and I did just that, and since then my “emotional state” (I’ll have to call it that) appears to be improving…thank goodness 🙂