Have I ever told you…


The Daily Prompt

What’s your idea of a perfect day off: one during which you can quietly relax, doing nothing, or one with one fun activity lined up after the other? Tell us how you’d spend your time.

Have I ever told you how much I love ducks.  They are wonderful to watch.  They often look as though they are having a little conversations with each other.

So in answer to the prompt, I would definitely like a day of quiet and peace. just sitting at this pond and watching the ducks..and taking their photos of course…




Street Scene Hong Kong

I have not been much of a traveler, except for travelling in my own Country South Africa and a few other countries on the African continent.  Recently though I had had the opportunity to explore a little more outside of the African continent.
Every time though, when applying for Visas and also when at the various different “Customs” areas, I am struck by how un-free us humans really are.  My mind wonders and I fantasise about all humans being free to roam, anywhere we want to go on this beautiful planet earth that we inhabit.  Of course, I realise and understand about the restrictions and the need for them, but wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if us humans could explore in peace, never to worry about where we are going; that we would be welcome in all the different countries and cultures on this planet of ours; where there would be so much peace that we would not have to have rules, laws, and having to ask to be accepted?