The Silent Treatment.


Whether people know it or not, the silent treatment is passive-aggressive behaviour.  In my opinion it is in fact quite hostile, and it fits with the character of one who is a bully.  Personally, I can handle it from a person who means nothing to me, but when I am getting it from someone who is close, well then I find it a very hard pill to swallow.   When a person who has known me for all my life does this, it makes me wonder of the futility of it all. I wonder what the point is?  I wonder why?

I don’t think I deserve this punishment.  Seriously, if anyone wants to really get under my skin and hurt me, then that is what  they should do, they should treat me as if I don’t exist.  I reckon I suffer from abandonment issues, and yes it does hamper my process of getting things done.  It hangs around me all the time like a gaping wound.  I know I’m a fool to let this affect me.
Do you use this sort of punishment on anyone?  Have you received this sort of treatment?