Mother, daughter…


Let me start off by telling you that my mother and my youngest daughter (7) are good friends with each other.  I can see that my daughter has a very special place in my mother’s heart and vice versa.
Just recently, I smiled so much about the two of them, and every time I think of it I smile again.  What happened was that I got a new car a few months back.  I mentioned to my mom at that time that she should come for a spin in my car.   That has yet to happen.  It nearly happened a few days ago though.  I had to go and fetch my middle daughter.   My mom said she’d come with for the “spin” in the car.  When I went to call my mom, she had received a call and could not leave.  So, I hopped into the car with little daughter in the back seat.
“Where’s Gran?” asked little one.
“She got a call and can’t come right now, so we’ll just go and fetch your sister by ourselves” said I.
When there is silence from little one, then I know she’s pondering the situation.
So I waited to hear what she was going to say…
“She’s a cheeky one, your mother” said little one.
(Notice that she is no longer “gran,” but rather “your mother.”)
“It’s ok, she just got busy” I tell her.
“Hmmm, I can’t believe that such a cheeky mother can have a daughter as sweet as you.” She said.
Lots of laughter…
I told my mom about this and she smiled about it and said what a character my little one is, which she is.