“Cereal” killers (a pointless groan)


You buy a huge box of Puffed Rice cereal, open it up and the bag one pulls out is actually, really, literally, half the size of the box. Same with flakes and a few other cereals. The only box which is chockablock filled to the top is “Wheetbix.” My humble opinion is that that is quite a Bamboozle-ment. I wonder how much profit the companies who make these items would save if they were to make their boxes an appropriate size for what they have inside?

Me being a bit of a fusspot; I always take the cereals out of their boxes and bags and put them in plastic containers. It has come to my notice that the designers/manufacturers of the plastic containers also seem to be under the impression that the cereal will be the same amount as the box it comes in. So there is a huge plastic container which is only a quarter full. There are no in between sizes.

If it was up to me, I reckon they should get a highly OCD person to take charge ūüėČ ?


Quirks, don’t smirk.

doodlesDaily prompt: Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love ‚ÄĒ in yourself, or others.

Having had OCD for many, many years now I find it difficult to determine which of my habits are related to the OCD and which are just merely habits.  I suppose those that cause me anguish, which have to be done again and gain until it is right are probably related to the OCD.  The other more trivial habits I assume then are just merely habits.
For me though, the line is thin. ¬†I would say the habit/compulsion that I absolutely abhor the most is showering. ¬†It is not the actual showering that I dislike so much, but the mind control¬†and how I have to concentrate so early in the morning. ¬†If I do not tell myself that I will only be in the shower for not more than 10 minutes, and If I don’t plan that I will first wash my hair etc, then I will get stuck in the shower, and I will be scrubbing my skin, because somehow in the back of my mind I sometimes just cannot get clean enough and will end up not being able to get myself out of there. I will understand if you think this is really silly, if you think it’s totally ridiculous, well then I don’t really care to explain.
My funniest quirk which I like is doodling. ¬†It is impossible for me to talk on the phone or just be idle without doodling. ¬†I don’t think you will find¬†a diary¬†or notebook which I own that does not have doodles on¬†them ūüôā Above are some random doodles lying on my desk.

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An on the couch post.


Those who know how OCD can get a grip of ones mind will understand this.  A psychiatrist once explained to me that the brain goes into a sort of a loop and keeps looping around instead of sparking evenly.

That might not make sense to some, but to me it certainly does make a whole lot of sense. ¬†My problem on some days is¬†that not only does my brain seem to go into a loop, but feel as though I have a loop around myself too. ¬†As though my mind is spinning irrationally, and my body is also in this sort of a loop bubble, where I am talking and explaining, but no one seems to understand, but also they don’t really care because they think I’m just talking normally. ¬†Then the irrationality of it all just gathers in the invisible bubble and pushes back to me again.

I am then drowning in the repetitiveness of my own words. ¬† I’m holding out my hand, which no one takes. ¬†How can I expect anyone to understand? It is at moments like this, sometimes they are short-lived, but sometimes they are much longer, that I wish, I just wish that someone would¬†tell me to stop thinking, and say that it is all ok. ¬†I would like to thrash these loops to pieces. Should I even be posting this… what the heck.