She’s whispering in colour…


The Daily Prompt:

Imagine that tomorrow, all of your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you please. What types of fun activities would make your day?


I have three blank canvasses, tons of paint and paintbrushes in a messy little corner in my studio.  If I had the day off completely, I would get hold of those canvasses, play music and start to paint.  I have not had this feeling in a very, very long time.  Those who read my blog regularly will have heard how I throw a lot of my work away, except for those paintings my mother somehow manages to salvage, which she hangs in her house.
My painting muse first started whispering a few weeks ago, and I just ignored her, but now she has upped the ante and has been whispering in colour, shape and illusion…I have a feeling that she wont be giving up anytime soon!
I have the picture in my head.  It just needs doing.  🙂

photo credit: Futurilla via photopin cc