End of NaBloPoMo.


This is the last day of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month.)  I believe the object is to motivate bloggers to do a post a day.  I decided to take it on this time, but I must say that half way through I kept questioning myself as to why I decided to do it.

I don’t really need motivation to blog, in fact, I usually do post a day, and at times even more, but somehow the fact that I had decided to do this for this month actually made it more difficult for me to post.   The thought even occurred to me that it might be a little left over rebelliousness in myself to not follow the rules 😉

I would hasten to add though that I would recommend this challenge for anyone who lacks motivation to blog everyday, if they want to, of course.  In any case though, I did the thing, and now it is over and done.  The reason I didn’t give up half way through the month was because I have been told previously that I don’t finish what I start (I don’t agree)… and look, I finished this now didn’t I?