“Manners maketh man”

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? Why?

I have had my share of having to do a little public speaking in my younger years.  At first my nerves couldn’t handle it, and I found that standing in front of all those people even made my face start twitching with nervousness, but what I did find though was that when I had to speak about something close to my heart, all of the self-consciousness and nervousness just disappeared and I could speak with conviction.

If anyone were to ask me to do a speech right here on the spot it would be about the following:

“Manners maketh man”  quotation by William of Wykeham,

or should I say “Manners maketh compassionate human beings”

Last night I took my elderly mom with me to a function.  We arrived a little early and had to wait in a very pleasant outside area.  There in that area were benches placed all over, facing flower beds and under trees.  There were quite a few people who had also arrived early and had taken all the benches.  I personally don’t care about that because I will go and sit on the grass or on a step or something, but if I happened to be on one of the benches and an elderly lady or man arrived, I would most certainly get up and offer that person my seat.

Needless to say, there were people “plopped” (as if they were big sloppy pieces of clay that just fell from the heavens and suddenly “plob” they landed on the bench in a most ungainly position) on the benches, young people, some middle-aged people and not one of them thought to get up and let my elderly mother sit down.

At first I found it disgusting of them to have such bad manners.  Why doesn’t anyone care about anyone else anymore.  My children most certainly know to get up an offer their seat to someone who might need it more than they do.  Don’t people have manners anymore or is it that they just don’t care?  Where has humans humanity gone?