Sunday Gratitude

I am grateful everyday, but have chosen Sundays to post about it.  I am grateful for creativity.  Anything creative that anyone does is such a blessing.  It doesn’t matter if people like or don’t like what you’ve made, as long as you like it and enjoyed making it.  Above is a photo of my crochet blanket.  I crocheted up all my old  and odd balls of wool.  It was a bit tricky because the thickness of the wool were not all the same, but none the less, I finished it and I’m sure there will be a use for it.

Creativity is such good therapy for me.  A crochet blanket such as this one lets me get rid of so much nervous energy.

Something I was thinking about when I was crocheting these blocks is that every inch of the wool has been touched and gone through my hands, the same goes for knitting.  So, if anyone ever makes you a special blanket or anything else similar, just know it was made with lots of love and thought.

I have received instructions from daughters for their blankets.  They all seem to want lilac and purple.  I’ll have to trot down to the wool shop sometime soon.

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