“Cereal” killers (a pointless groan)


You buy a huge box of Puffed Rice cereal, open it up and the bag one pulls out is actually, really, literally, half the size of the box. Same with flakes and a few other cereals. The only box which is chockablock filled to the top is “Wheetbix.” My humble opinion is that that is quite a Bamboozle-ment. I wonder how much profit the companies who make these items would save if they were to make their boxes an appropriate size for what they have inside?

Me being a bit of a fusspot; I always take the cereals out of their boxes and bags and put them in plastic containers. It has come to my notice that the designers/manufacturers of the plastic containers also seem to be under the impression that the cereal will be the same amount as the box it comes in. So there is a huge plastic container which is only a quarter full. There are no in between sizes.

If it was up to me, I reckon they should get a highly OCD person to take charge 😉 ?