Holding on to anger.

The Daily Prompt:

Do you hold grudges, or do you believe in forgive and forget?

Well, I’d say the forgiveness would have to do with the degree of harm caused.  The quote above says not to forget the their names, but I’d also like to add, don’t forget the lesson learnt from the deed done.
It has come to my attention lately that I have been holding on to a very deep anger, for a very long time, for certain deeds done.  I don’t sweat the small stuff, but there is the big stuff, the stuff that stabs right into the centre of my heart, that has caused me much anger.
Strange to not know how angry you are, to spend your life imploding about so many things.  I have always denied that I am angry, but then, one day quite recently, whilst writing my story; I was typing the words, but as my fingers started banging harder and harder on the keys as the awful words, which I found so deplorable came out, I realised how very, very angry I was…  I was angry.  I have not written much lately, but have spent a lot of time thinking and releasing thoughts, especially all the negative ones.
I realise now that one should acknowledge the lessons we learn in life, no matter how hard they are – acknowledge, accept the lesson and let go.
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