What are we then?

I was wondering this morning, whilst doing the dishes, what the collective noun would be for bloggers. I did a little research, which was most a most entertaining exercise. There are the general collective nouns which everyone seems to know, but then there are those that I didn’t know
such as:
A conflagration of arsonists
A tabernacle of Bakers
A shower of bastards
A sneer of butlers
A drunkship of cobblers
A plunder of Goons
A cruft of hackers
An unhappiness or multiply of husbands 🙄
An impatience of wives 😉
Lawyers have a whole lot of them: Eloquence, Escheat, Greed, Huddle, Quarrel, Disputation
A joint of osteopaths

And so the list goes on.  What about bloggers though, a group of what?  The closest I got was “A worship of writers”
Any ideas?

photo credit: Foxtongue via photopin cc