I am so mad!


My mom is and elderly lady in her seventies, who has only a few prized possessions.  She is not poor, but also definitely not rolling in dough.  She makes ends meet.  She had a few special little things that she considered to be luxuries, such as a laptop, cell phone and a new TV.
A few days ago, “they” broke into her house which she shares with another elderly person.  The house is very modest.  From the outside one would not think that there are great treasures to be found there.   Stealing from any category of wealth is wrong, but even more wrong is when the thieves are stealing from the vulnerable who work at keeping their heads above the water.
I am so grateful that my mom was not at home when they broke in.  I have replaced her cell phone, which she has accepted, but simply point blank refuses help with the other things.  I will keep an eye on that, and fortunately Christmas is around the corner.  Santa might surprise her with an item or two.
I read just recently that The Netherlands have closed, or are in the process of closing quite a few of their prisons due to a shortage of prisoners.  I can hear the wise cracks about it’s because weed is legal there.  Edit:  I was wondering what they had done right, but have edited since angelswhisper’s comment – please see her comment in the comments section.