It leaves me cold.


loversThe Daily Prompt:

When was the last time a movie, a book, or a television show left you cold despite all your friends (and/or all the critics) raving about it? What was it that made you go against the critical consensus?


I think I may have mentioned this one here before and now, much to amazement, I see they are actually making a movie of it.  The one leaving me cold is “50 Shades of Grey.”  It seems that everyone in the world just loves these books and apparently not  not leaving them cold.

Now, I am one to give a book a chance but after the first three chapters I had already started pulling my nose up, then after plunging deeper into the next few chapters, I decided to give it up.

I have also found that some seem to think they are “cool” or “with it” or whatever the correct phrase may be to have read it and, even worse, to be swooning over it.

It is just a bit of “blue” writing which is jazzed up with a bit of a plot.  I am no prude and have an open mind, even too open minded some might think, but I like to enjoy what I’m reading.  I love nothing better than a well-told story, great plot and hopefully a jolly good twist in the end.

The one time I wrote about this someone commented and said that they don’t thing E.L. James would even give a hoot as to what I think, – but I am entitled to air and express my own opinion, right?  So, yes, this one I just don’t get.