Wobbly Candles and other stuff.

Can-pIt has been very, very hot here in Sunny South Africa.  To add to this we have been having load shedding, which means that our electricity is often switched off for approximately 4 hours and sometimes more.

Above is a photo of an old candelabra I use for load shedding when I forget to take the lights out for charging in the sun.  Look at how the candles have melted over night.  The candles were not used last night, it was just the heat that made them get the wobble.  So, no air cons or fans to keep us cool.  I must say that I don’t function that well in such hot conditions.

The load shedding has affected us all.  It is really bad for business as would probably have thought.  Since I work for myself I have to put all my energy into my orders to get them done before any load shedding happens. The time that I would usually use on the blog is now not possible when there’s load shedding.

I hope that this explains why I have not visited as much as I normally do, but will hopefully catch up with all this weekend.  Thank you to those who still visit me regularly, I appreciate that so much. 🌹

54 thoughts on “Wobbly Candles and other stuff.

  1. That made a cool photo, but I wouldn’t want to keep losing power. I won’t complain about the negative temps here because I can add layers of clothes, much rather be cold than too hot.

  2. Oh, gosh, Michelle, that is really hot. I can’t imagine no air circulating in that heat. It sounds like it could be a dangerous situation so take care of yourself and be sure to hydrate. I hope you get a break from that heat soon.

  3. The load shedding is driving me insane! Although I have a laptop for work, it’s very frustrating that sometimes in the middle of the day it will just switch off because it hasn’t been charged.
    As for the heat, I don’t understand why it hasn’t started cooking down yet! It’s definitely way hotter than normal this year

  4. Wow! Now that is some major heat over there, Michelle! I feel for you. I really don’t like the heat here in the summers. However, ours is very dry, hardly any humidity. I sure hope you get some rain! Hope your family is doing well. 🙂

  5. That’s rough! I know we are spoiled, but 4 hours is a long time to not have electricity. Forgetting the A/C, not having my computer would be rough. I would only hope that my Kindle is fully charged!!!

    • One of the things that keeps me sane is the kindle. I now make sure that I have two extra books on my kindle because the worst is having a fully charged kindle and finishing the story way before I thought I would. True life story 😊

  6. I could wax lyrical for ages. However, I shall simply say,

    ”Don’t get caught when the lights go out. Research shows, two out of three ‘candles’ need Viagra.”

    Public Health Notice, from Escom.


  7. Wow, that is serious. All the air conditioning working at the moment with the heat.
    We were hot last Monday – 33 degrees Celsius – I had all the windows open on the cooler side of the house. But when it is so hot it makes no difference. Canterbury in the South Island had been declared a drought zone and parts of the North Island is getting there fast (includes where I live). Thankfully it is cooler today and a little rain. Great photo though.
    Hope things improve for you soon.

  8. Oh my I am so sorry!!!! Hoping it cools off for you. Will send some of our frigid temps your way. I didn’t realize you live in South Africa! My Grandfather was from Johannesburg (I have TONS of family there)

  9. LOL! They look like I feel in this heat Michelle. Now you must know … if even the poor candles can’t handle the heat, how are we supposed to do it .. especially when it’s load-shedding. I really am looking forward to the winter. 😀

    Beautiful candelabra and shot hon. I love it. 😀 ♥ Hugs ♥

    • Thanks about the shot Sophia, I quite like it myself. I am also looking forward to winter. Shouldn’t it have started cooling down already though, we seem to be having an extra hot and long summer? 🐥Hugs🐥

  10. wowww- that looks like an art project – or something to be in a museum – really – the vintage feel to the quality candelabra and the artsy bends – and then I was surprised to read it was from heat – well not surprised – because we have seen that here too with the power off – and all the coconut oil is liquid , etc.

    anyhow, wishing you luck with getting things down in between the rotations – argh – and have a nice weekend….
    oh – and happy v-day –

  11. Great image, Hopestar. I really feel for you and everyone else in SA, suffering because of the incessant load shedding. How glad I am that we sold our house in Umhlanga last time we were over there, or we would have been very worried about what we might find when we get back, with the a/c being off for long periods. I hope they get it sorted out before too much longer. Hugs to you. 🙂 xx

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