Weekly Pet Share. Round-up and start of new week (74)


A warm thank you to all who shared this week.  I apologise if there are photos missing from the collage, but with the power failures I had here this morning I did the best I could, but will add them to next weeks collage.  Please let me know.

Here they are:

Sydnee Pee and Kimberly Waggin Master hugmamma
Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man Quarksire Z car an da kitty The Carrs & Meekah
Raewyn Forbes becca givens Michelle
Priceless Joy becca givens Nato
Priceless Joy Lor B Tired Kitty
Little Binky . hugmamma
Passionately Bored Emily

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37 thoughts on “Weekly Pet Share. Round-up and start of new week (74)

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  4. This time I am going to mark this post because every time I want to take part I can’t find the newest link up. I enjoy taking part. It encourages me to write something in animal language.

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  6. dang a day outa time again i keep finding myself outa sync with pet challenges an my monochrome madness lol… will have to get in sync i guess,,,sio if i do one now aN add it to linky would it get posted in next weeks maybe er should i wait ? ok peace out will check out the entries one by one laterz very kewl pics here allz ! Q

  7. jest not sure what day to do my pet challenge post it evry week is all… what day do u suggest? i will make that the day i will if i can an do the linky postit……kewl lewking gallery shot this week here also 🙂 like the way u put em together ❤ ido ido 🙂

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