Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (70)


Thank you for all the wonderful entries.  Here they are:

Sydnee Pee and kimberly becca givens Lor B
Amanda Lakey Guy & Simba Michelle
Raewyn Forbes Amanda at Forestwoodfolkart
Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man Quarksire’s Happy New Years 2015 wish

The new week is open (week 70.)  Please only add your link to “Mister Linky” if you wish to be added to the round up at the end of the week.  “Mister Linky” widget is on my side bar.  Click on the logo below for more details on how to take part. 💞



36 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (70)

  1. Dogs were my thing, but with time one starts appreciating the many quirky personality traits that cats have to offer.
    Funny thing here, they aren’t nearly as aloof as they would like us to believe 😉

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  4. I once had a boxer for 8 years: Unbridled energy, enthusiasm and disregard for rules … just awesome!
    Who else owns a boxer? Any tips for
    if I decide to get one again?

    • My mom used to have a boxer, he was such a charismatic fellow. I will always remember him for the frights he gave me when he would stand up against the wall and stare through the windows like a peeping tom. If you can picture walking into a room and seeing the face of a boxer just gawking through the window at you ☺️ He was a real sweetie though.

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  7. Reblogged this on Quarksire and commented:
    70 Weeks it’s been with Hope* the happy hugger an Michelles weekly pet challenge an has been a blast this past week i combined my pet challenge with the photo challene 🙂 thanQ fer comin’ round one an all frum da’ Q Ps; take care of ur pet…woman er man! .an have a happy hump day!

  8. Good morning, sweet Michelle. Hope you are doing well today. We just posted our week (70) post and we are looking forward to visiting all the other entries as we have time. Hugs and nose kisses, Maggie and Chancy

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