Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (58)

Pet1Pet2 Pet3

Thank you for all the lovely entries this week:  Here they are:

steve wrote…
Disco sleeping on the roof of her expensive cat house!

Amanda Lakey wrote…
Watch out watch out, there’s a giant Peacock about. 😀

Hope The Happy Hugger wrote…
My Pond Friends…

blogagaini wrote…
It’s yoga morning in the Santa Cruz Mountains for Serengetti

Little Binky wrote…
Have you seen my feathered furriends 😀

writerwannabe763 wrote…
A collage of our pets posted.

writerwannabe763 wrote…
Collage of our pets

becca givens wrote…
My favorite day and meme of the week!

Silver Threading wrote…
My fun neighbors 🙂

Raewyn Forbes wrote…
Catching the sun.

kimberly and the Pee’s wrote…
Time to bake the cookies….


Week 58 is open.


30 thoughts on “Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (58)

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