My entry: My Pond friends


I thought I’d share my Pond friends with you today.  These “Ring-Necked Teals” are the sweetest little ducks.

They always seem to be so calm.  I love watching them.  Aren’t their colours and markings just amazing?

Sheer works of art.


Just to prove that they are not ornaments I have added this photo below.

It looks as though he is asking her if she’d like to go and sit in the sun with him.

They are the greatest of friends.  The colourful one with the powder blue beak is the male.



47 thoughts on “My entry: My Pond friends

  1. Beautiful creatures, your pond friends! Those are lovely photos of them posing for your work of art, Michelle. 🙂 I’m sure it’s not that easy to capture them on camera. Simply beautiful … ❤

  2. Woa sneaky sneaks – they could have fooled me…and they are lovely! are they permanent residents at your pond or do they do they visit as they like?

  3. You could have fooled me for sure! They looked like ornaments! Absolutely gorgeous Michelle! Such beauties to have around. Thanks for sharing hon. Stunning captures. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

  4. If you like ducks, you must watch the Duckumentary on them. Its about an hour, PBS type thing. Great show as they follow one wood duck family but also touch upon a few others. Thank you for the beautiful pics!

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