Running flat.

Transport (113)
Yesterday I had a flat tyre. My car kept beeping me about the tyre, fortunately, I could still travel, very nervously I might add, to the tyre repair place to have it sorted out. Turned out it had huge nail in it.

It was quite interesting watching them repair the tyre. I had no idea there was such helpful machinery for taking a tyre off the rim. I remember in the old days when men used to use crowbars to do this.

Anyway, I expected to see a tube inside the tyre. Silly me, right? It’s not a blooming bicycle, but then I suppose modern bicycles also don’t have tubes in them, or do they?

Being a potter and mould maker, I love tubes, because they are ideal for cutting up into bands to hold the “Plaster of Paris” molds together, rather than paying a fortune for a bag of bands…but I digress.

The thing is, they always say women should know how to change a tyre, which I know how to do in theory, but I’ll tell you, after what I observed yesterday, I would not be able to do it and I am most definitely not strong enough either.

So what are us ladies supposed to do? Maybe drive around with a muscular, scantily clad repair man in the back seat? But then he would require looking after and who has time for that. Β All I can say is thank goodness for places like the AA and other such organisations. From now on I think I’ll make full use of one of these services, and I shall no longer be an unreliable tyre person anymore.


16 thoughts on “Running flat.

  1. Now why on earth would he be required to be ”scantily clad”.
    You would be looking in the rear view mirror all the time and probably prang the car and I don’t care how good he is with a tire wrench he won’t be able to fix your car if you ”front -end” it!.

    Naughty M. Behave.


  2. “Maybe drive around with a muscular, scantily clad repair man in the back seat? But then he would require looking after and who has time for that.”
    This is hilarious beyond anything. I wouldn’t want to be bothered with the looking after either.
    Thank goodness for AA, indeed.
    I wonder how nails manage to go into a tire as if it were hammered in. I had a huge one almost a year ago.

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