SignBarfussweg1I have quite a few different signs in my photos which I have taken over the years.  There are some really funny ones, but since I’m sure there will be many funny signs on this weeks challenge (and goodly so.) I thought I’d show the pretty ones…

I love the sign above, not so much because of the only the sign, but because of the way the surrounding area had been set out.


I distinctly remember my family asking me why I was taking a photo of the above sign; I said “because I think it’s very pretty.”  Sometimes people just don’t understand the heart of a photographer, even an amateur like myself . 


To be quite honest, for the moment I can’t remember where I took this one, but I like it.

Hope you enjoyed my signs.

Michelle, signing out – sorry, couldn’t resist saying that.

29 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Hi Michelle. Interesting signs. Particularly like “La Maison des Fleurs” – how appropriate for the House of Flowers. So pretty! Hertz is a well known international car rental company. I’ve used them before in Australia but have not seen this sign before! The sign says it all, doesn’t it? Like the way you signed out … Now, over to you … 😉 🙂

  2. hehe, you funny gal! So appropriate with the ‘signs’. 😆

    I just love them and you’ve captured it so well. I also like la Maison des Fleurs sign. It sure is very pretty and you’re right. Some folks won’t ever ‘get it’. Love the colours. Great post hon. 😀

    ♥ Big Hugs ♥

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