Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (56)


 Thank you for all the lovely entries.  Here they are:

steve wrote…
My cats want a cat flap

Silver Threading wrote…
Sugar and Spice just stopped by to say hello!

Living With My Ancestors wrote…
My little Inky wanting attention (as usual)!

Hermann aka Newsferret

Hope The Happy Hugger wrote…
The beautiful Grey Lourie ❤

Kate – Dazzling Whimsy wrote…
My little cutie

Colonialist wrote…


becca givens wrote…

Here’s one of my sweetest girls!
Happy Wednesday everyone!!

LorB wrote…

Little Binky wrote…
I’m not coming out, untill they’re out of here 😀

Raewyn Forbes wrote…
The first ducklings of spring.

Quarksire wrote…
Jake da’ Jaded Pup an 2 Ol’ Guys

Holley @ Destino wrote…
Go Buckeyes! 🙂

Sydnee Pee and kimberly wrote…
Last week stubborn, this week naughty, next week…..?

Amanda at Something to Ponder About wrote…




25 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Roundup and start of new week (56)

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