“Cereal” killers (a pointless groan)


You buy a huge box of Puffed Rice cereal, open it up and the bag one pulls out is actually, really, literally, half the size of the box. Same with flakes and a few other cereals. The only box which is chockablock filled to the top is “Wheetbix.” My humble opinion is that that is quite a Bamboozle-ment. I wonder how much profit the companies who make these items would save if they were to make their boxes an appropriate size for what they have inside?

Me being a bit of a fusspot; I always take the cereals out of their boxes and bags and put them in plastic containers. It has come to my notice that the designers/manufacturers of the plastic containers also seem to be under the impression that the cereal will be the same amount as the box it comes in. So there is a huge plastic container which is only a quarter full. There are no in between sizes.

If it was up to me, I reckon they should get a highly OCD person to take charge πŸ˜‰ ?

34 thoughts on ““Cereal” killers (a pointless groan)

  1. this is such an interesting post – and we have some cereals that do come half full – but some other brands my son likes are actually quite filled. but ironically it is the less commercial cereals. For example, I have been asking him to eat less and less sugary crap and so he has switched to corn flakes, rice crisps, and a berry store one, and a few others with less crappy sugar – and most of those we find in a 20 or 30 oz. box that is nice and full.

    also, side note- a friend told me that a way to add a bunch of brain enrichment to cereal is to add ground flax I do not each much feral – but when I do I add in the ground flax and the omega 3s feed my brain with rich oils – and I like the taste of it too.

    have a nice day – and cool classic picture to go with this

  2. You are right. I noticed this when I was 12 years old, in the days I used to eat chocolate bars. Boarding school, so we had pocket money that was strictly rationed. So, we were very sensitive about how much chocolate we got. We realised that, while the price and packing size remained the same, the amount of chocolate reduced! We actually measured the sizes of chocolate wrapping! It’s called illusion marketing, I bet. Wheeetabix is the one brand that does not cheat in this respect. We pay more and more for paper, and then people talk about sustainability!

  3. I don’t like it either. The boxes are always to big and somtimes they don’t even fit in the cupboard. So I try to bring home smaller boxes. At least their volume is almost the same as the box is. Pawkisses πŸ™‚

  4. Have you noticed EVERYthing is getting smaller? Do manufacturers think we are blind? The first ‘reduction’ I noticed about a year and a half or so ago was pasta. The package that used to feed my family with some leftover, had shrunk.

  5. I think the same things when I open cereals. The other thing that bugs me is the smaller size containers of ice-cream but with a higher price sticker. Do the manufactures really think we don’t notice this size difference?

  6. Good idea, the OCD person. This is like potato chips (crisps), the bags were once larger and had the appropriate amount of product inside. Today, the bag is smaller, not completely full, and the price? No change. If anything, the price went up. Ripoff! Rather abusive of the customer isn’t it?

  7. similar to a box of chocolates….a true disappointment when you discover there is only 5 in the damn box that should hold 50!!! they call them marketing genius’s, I think they are just corrupt!!!

  8. I have learned he reason why this is so: it is a marketing ploy. The box remains the same, the price does not increase too much – and yet the amount of content decreases. And all in the name of profit. They seem to think that if the box size shrinks, the customers will not buy the product. And if the price increases too much, the same will occur.

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