Balance the odds.

20140209_080158_FotorThe Daily Prompt:

You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?

Well, I would wonder if everyone else had also aged ten years or if it was just me.  If my children had all aged ten years too then it would sort of balance out, but if only I had aged the ten years and my little daughter was still eight then it would be a problem.  I would worry so much.  I had her a little later in life and I often do the math of how old I would be when she is say eighteen for instance.  At the moment the way the age gap is now I reckon I can handle it, but if ten years went overnight, it would make me worry.

I would probably go onto an extra healthy living style to try and stay as young as I possibly can for my age to balance the odds.


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