32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Zizag

      • I’m sure they are used to it but it would have made me nervous watching them too! I guess I just didn’t realize bamboo was that strong. I mean…. I know it is strong but not strong enough for all those men to be walking around on it! Yikes!

  1. Love what you called it Michelle. ‘ziggidyzag’ 😆 That scaffolding looks way too high for me but an interesting concept. Stunning shots! 😀 ❤

  2. It’s pretty crazy the heights they can reach with bamboo scaffolding. I still struggle to see how in the world it can possibly be safe but somehow it works for them 🙂 Pretty chaotic Ziggy-Zaggy! Really like your blog.

  3. My hubby ‘the travelling engineer’ tells me that the bamboo scaffolding is very well done and also very safe….and even the tallest buildings in the Far East have been built using bamboo scaffold. Bamboo is such a versatile and very strong product.
    When l tell you l have a pair of bamboo socks ..l am not kidding.
    Love your pictures of the electric wiring….but very glad l do not have to rely on it.

    • Thanks about the pictures Jo. When I first saw the bamboo scaffolding I was really quite dubious, but I had the opportunity to actually watch them do it. It is actually quite amazing how quick and nimble the workmen are. They do seem to know exactly what they’re doing and the limitations of the bamboo; meaning where and how to tie the next one down. They seem to have it down to a fine art. Also, if you compare the system to what we use, their transport and carrying of the bamboo needs much less manpower and size of transport. I suppose I paid particular attention to this and found it quite interesting because I have some experience in that in related fields – not the actual physical work of it of course. 🙂

  4. Great pics for the challenge. I saw that bamboo scaffolding in Asia. I suppose they have to make it out of materials that are readily available, and I believe that bamboo is very strong. The power lines are truly mind boggling. I wonder how the electricians work out what’s what? 😯

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