Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Bumper roundup and start of new week (45)



                    Thank you so much to all who participated and kept our pet challenge going whilst I was away.   I really appreciate it.

If you’d like to take part too, then just click on the logo below for more details.




35 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Bumper roundup and start of new week (45)

  1. I sure missed all these lovely cuties and most of all HRH. Good to have you back as well Michelle and I trust you had a wonderful time off. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

  2. So great to see you back again, Hope. We’ve been thinking about you and missing you the past few weeks 🙂 Granny didn’t understand that the challenge was still going on, while you were away. She is such a strainer lately. I guess she needs an extra call 😉 We’ll come back later to see all the cutie pies, now duty is calling. Pawkisses from me and big hug from Granny 🙂

  3. Hi Michelle,
    Can you explain to this technologically challenged blogger how to link to the weekly photo logo? I know how to get the photo of the logo but how do I do it so that it links back to you? (sorry- I should probably know how to do this but I’m drawing a blank)!

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