My Procrastination Station.

waterlily completeThe  Daily Prompt:

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else —

what’s your favorite procrastination destination?

My procrastination destination is most definitively the dentist and the physician.  Like many, I am terrified of the dentist and unfortunately when we leave dental work it tends to get much worse than if we just got it attended to when the fist tiny little toothache starts.  This is what I tell myself now and then force myself to go for regular checkups just to avoid having to hear that awful sound of the dentists drill.
My other procrastination is going to see the physician regularly; he though has it all down pat.  When I call for a prescription renewal he tells the nurse to tell me I’ll have to come in for the check up I missed first.  This is an ongoing procedure for me even though I know if I just simply went for the regular check up I would not have to be told this every time.  Crazy if I actually think about it.  If I didn’t procrastinate so much about it I would be avoiding so much to and fro between myself and the docs rooms.

24 thoughts on “My Procrastination Station.

  1. I didn’t much like the dentist either even though he and his wife were fabulous. No more worries in that department now. I have also been very lucky with doctors so no procrastination in those departments for me anymore. However…….I have been procrastinating to go for a mammogram 😦

  2. My husband had awful times at the dentist as a kid, and he refuses to go to one. I worry about him in the future. 🙂 I make sure the kids and I have regular check-ups. I hated going for years, too, after almost five years of braces when I was a teenager!

  3. I actually love both my doctor and dentist, and am not looking forward to having to find new ones when we leave. Hopefully I will say well enough not to need one until we come back here to visit next year. 🙂

  4. Having a father and an older sister who both had to get false teeth, I make sure to visit the dentist regularly! Doctors, I’m not so good at!

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