The Little Red Boat – A short of a bigger story.


Here is a brief outline. The story is about a girl named Mia.  Gert is her abusive father, Eloise her mother, Mike, her brother. This is just a small excerpt from a much larger story. I’m sort of just dropping you in the middle somewhere in the story. Truth entwinded with fiction if you will.


Mia detached herself mentally from the other occupants of the car. She preferred staring through the window, viewing the scenery of the African bush. The car sped on too fast. Gert was into speed, he drove on the roads, and even sand roads like this one, as though he was taking part in some sort of motor race. In the dark corners of Mia’s mind, she thought of Gert as a “grand prick” her little distortion of the words of his great love, motor sport and the “Grand Prix.”
The reason for this outing was because Gert was on one of his own narcissistic adventures again, and he found it necessary for his family to view his greatness. Today, the family had to admire, and board a tiny red rowing boat which he had built in the back yard.
Mia did not want to go, but she knew if she had anything to say, the Bible verse, Ephesians 6: 1-3 would be recited to her. This verse, and all the other verses about children honoring and obeying their parents would be hammered into her brain. Gert used these verses as a manipulative tool.
When they finally arrived at the dam, Mia’s fear heightened when she realised that there weren’t any people there, no fishermen, no campers, no one. It was just the four of them there, alone.
The boat was placed in the water. The three of them (Eloise, Mike, and Mia) were told to get in. After they were all in the boat, Gert got in too. Mia was afraid, but she knew better than to complain or show her fear. Gert started rowing the little red boat towards the middle of the dam.
Mia had a horrible feeling in her stomach, coupled with an aura of eeriness. To calm herself, she thought of the music he played in the car, on the drive to the dam. It was a song from the fifties, called “Chantilly lace.”
Mia avoided all eye contact with him and let the tune play over and over in her mind.
Slowly, as Mia expected, a little water began trickling into the boat, then more and more water. After much cussing, the great Gert had to admit defeat. This made him quite angry. He undoubtedly felt a fool, and of course, somehow, made it the fault of the family. Naturally, the family needed to be punished for his stupid foolishness.
Gert managed to row the boat back without letting it sink altogether. When they got back on land, Gert went to the car and took the gun out of the boot. He raised the gun and pointed it at the three of them and said “I should just shoot you all” with a deep Afrikaans accent.
Mia could see how scared mom was. Mike said nothing. Mia stood there, with her mom and her brother; the three of them frozen. A million thoughts went through Mia’s mind whilst she stared at the sawed off, double barrel shotgun.
Suddenly Mia realised how numb and tired she was; she was only twelve years old, but she felt the world on her shoulders. He had mentally and physically exhausted her so much that she thought he could pull that trigger if he wanted to…It wouldn’t really matter.
To be continued, but only if you’d like to read more

42 thoughts on “The Little Red Boat – A short of a bigger story.

  1. Stunning photo to accompany this thrilling and beautiful written piece Michelle! I would love to read more for sure hon. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

      • I felt the same way about my writing yet I continued and finished my book, an editor took that writing and with smaller changes, and making it all consistent throughout… the book now reads beautifully, more than I could ever imagined I could have written… so from one who thought he couldn’t and was too embarrassed to write because of the lack of confidence in his own work… don’t stop keep going you might just be surprised at how others perceive your abilities…

  2. This is terrific. What are the possibilities? Did he stretch out his moment of power or simply did the deed? Did anyone escape? Had someone come along just in time?

    Yes, I would like to read the rest, please. 🙂

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