Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week (39)




 Thank you to all who took part:
1. Kimberly – Sydnee Pee 8. becca givens 15. Sonel’s Corner : Honduran Curlyhair Tarantula
2. Steve 9. Janice Heck 16. Gerri Leathley
3. Raewyn Forbes 10. Amanda Lakey, Unique So Chic 17. Amanda at Something to Ponder About
4. blogagaini 11. Little Binky
5. Sonel’s Corner : Little Poser 12. Barbara
6. twittercat 13.
7. Quarksire’s Brandon Bear 14. Daily Musings

Joining in on the fun is super easy:

1. Just simply do your post. (Pet or any animals)

2.  Link your URL to the widget below in order to be added to the roundup at the end of the week.

(please add the challenge logo to your post)

Week 39 is open

 Please add the URL of your particular pets post for this challenge, and not the URL of  your entire blog. 🙂

Please Note:  If your link has not been added to the “Mister Linky” (widget below) and/or if your link is broken, it will not be possible to add your post to the round up.  I will be adding the widget on my sidebar too, for easier access. Either one can be used.





32 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week (39)

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    • Thanks so much Angel. I actually forgot to add my own entry to the round up. I think I’ll add his lordship at the end of this week. Thanks to Binky for being in the Linky 🙂

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  6. It’s always great to see how many bloggers enjoy your challenge Michelle. Thanks again for hosting. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

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