A moment on the lips…


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The Daily Prompt:

What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

The funny thing about guilty pleasures with me is this; one of my guilty pleasures used to be chocolate, but since chocolate is not such a good thing, I had cut it out.  You know what they say “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.”  
So, very recently, I decided to have a piece of chocolate as a treat, only to find that I actually can’t stand the taste of it anymore.  It tastes too rich, too creamy and I just don’t like the texture either…
My latest guilty pleasure is sweet red wine, of which I only have one glass per night – I hastily add 😉
My other pleasure is tomatoes.

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43 thoughts on “A moment on the lips…

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  2. Ice cream. Mommy had to cut me off. I was hitting the Rocky Road way too hard and put on a little bit on my pot belly. Licks piggy lips. It really is good. I get a little bowl now every blue moon… it needs to be a blue moon soon. I miss it. XOXO – Bacon

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  4. I’m a huge dark chocolate fan, don’t like normal milk chocolate so much though. And just remember, it’s been proven that a glass of red wine a day is good for your heart 😉

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  6. Very interesting topic … food!!! Salads and cheese especially the nutty flavoured one that has holes in it? Also, some white cheese like ricotta. Your tomatoes look very inviting! Love them too. 😉

  7. I am just now giving up chocolate – allowing myself one piece a week. I hope I grow to hate the taste as you do though it’s not likely. Tomatoes are a go! I love those too – when they are in season. 🙂

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  9. i still love chocolate, though I gave it up over a month ago. my other one is coffee. i cannot give this up or cheese or pasta – though i trying hard to eat very little of those. 🙂

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  12. Lovely image you chose for the post Michelle. Those tomatoes do look very tasty indeed. I love tomatoes as well but oh, the heartburn afterwards. LOL!

    Anyways … I never much liked chocolates. Give me biltong and droëwors – those are my favourite and at my age you don’t worry much about the hips anymore.. hahahah.

    Great post hon! Have a fun day. I woke up with one of your headaches again and the concentration is a bit slow as well. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

  13. My human says she gave up feeling guilty about having a daily glass of wine years ago, including the occasional weekly bottle. She still loves chocolate too: unsweetened cocoa sprinkled on top of vanilla ice cream. Cheers! =^,,^=

Namaste. My soul honors your soul. I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty & peace within you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things we are united, we are the same, we are one.

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