A few insignificant things that I feel like telling someone…

I lost my watch this weekend.  I don’t know how or where.  I thought that perhaps the clasp loosened and the watch fell off without me noticing it as it was quite loose-fitting.  It was given to me quite a few years ago and it has huge sentimental value.  It was also the first time that someone gave me something quite so posh.  I have retraced my steps.  I was at a restaurant on Saturday and home on Sunday.  No one has seen it.
Yesterday morning, I had started filling the bath with water when the girls spoiled me with mother’s day gifts.  I closed the bathroom door behind me because HRH (my cat) loves trying to catch the water and I am often afraid that he will fall in.  I was so touched at how sweet my daughters were being that I forgot the tap running.  When I remembered, I charged to the bathroom to find that the water was spilling from the top of the bath… It made me realise how very forgetful I can be; a depression symptom they tell me.
I woke up with a headache which is still pounding away at my temples. Urgh…
Thanks for listening/reading even though everything is so trivial.

67 thoughts on “A few insignificant things that I feel like telling someone…

  1. I’m sorry you lost your watch and have a headache. Nothing is insignificant if it is bothering you, best to share and have good thoughts sent your way. ((hugs))

  2. Turn a glass upside down on a table or counter. Rethink of where your watch may have gone and Voila you will find your watch. Do not know how but it seems to work. It doesn’t hurt to try anyway 😉

  3. I’m glad your daughters found a way to express their love. They cannot spoil you, they can only love you well. In their turn, they will expect to be loved well by their children. That can only be a good thing. I hope your depression lightens, and light shines in the darkest corners.

  4. I’m so sorry about your watch. It’s so annoying to lose something. I do hope it turns up again. Glad you got spoiled for Mothers’ Day, and thank goodness you remembered the bath water before it flooded the house. That would really have put the dampers on the proceedings. 🙂 xx

  5. Glad that you had a good time with your sweet daughters over the weekend, Michelle. Hope your watch will eventually be found. It’s one of those things that can happen to anyone. Love and hugs, Iris.

  6. Sorry to hear you lost your watch hon. That can be quite unsettling, especially if it has great sentimental value. I don’t know about you but when something like that happens to me I would brood for days. I do hope you don’t. 🙂

    Good to hear it’s a symptom because I can do that forever. hahahaha. So, I have an excuse now if it does happen. LOL! Oh, an menopause makes it worse and so is getting ‘younger’ too. 😛 Seems we can never win but oh hell, life goes on and luckily we have the young ones around us to keep reminding us – that is if their minds isn’t somewhere else as well. hahahahah.

    I know so well about those waking-up headaches. It’s the most irritating thing that can happen and spoils my whole day and the best of all is that I didn’t even drink a drop of wine or beer or passed out from too much dop! Makes me wonder if I shouldn’t start drinking but I don’t want those headaches every morning and no way I can predict when they are going to be there, so drinking is also out. LOL!

  7. These things are NOT insignificant because they are significant to YOU, and therefore significant to your friends. And although we live on different continents, I feel like a friend, albeit a blogging friend, so what is important to you is important to me. None of these things sound trivial to me.

    I’m sorry about your headache and your missing watch Michelle, and the water flowing over the tub, but I am glad to hear that HRH did not fall in! I’m also glad you had a good Mother’s Day with your girls (who sound very sweet by the way).

  8. That is so upsetting about your watch-perhaps it will resurface- you never know. Awakening with a headache is no way to start the day… I hope the coming week proves to be better and hold good things. ❤

  9. Michelle, not a depression symptom….. happens to me often, it is just being distracetd, that is how I burn my dinners too. Don’t worry it is just perfectly normal!

  10. Have you contacted the local police about the watch? A friend of mine found a gold bangle on the kerb one day and not knowing where to take it chose the police station. Might be worth an ask. Hope you find it. I’m a sentimental person 🙂

  11. your cup runneth over with daughter’s love which nearly floods the house and drowns the cat. In this rollercoaster of life it can be hard to hang on to sanity and the things we value most. Hope and hugs for your lost watch

  12. Not depression – – I get the same way when there is an overload of activity – – distracted. You were surprised by the kids and the gifts just as you were running that bath. .Sorry about the watch but I have a hunch it will show up where you least expect it.

  13. Well, I’ll try be Mr. Practical then as everyone is only saying Ach Shame!
    Losing something like a watch is not like putting down the keys in a different place as you run to the loo or to answer the phone.

    1. If you went to the restaurant in the car, look under the car seat you sat in. If you were driving, it could have slipped off and be next to the gear lever or handbrake. Pens and wallets and keys often end up here!

    2. Check it isn’t in your handbag, coat pocket.

    3.Look in your drawers where you regularly go. Underwear, socks, Pajamas etc.
    If it fell off and ended up underneath a garment you wouldn’t see it and probably would have heard it fall off.
    Check on the floor of the wardrobe/ built in dresser. Check the hanging garments in case it got snagged.
    If there are shoes on the floor check inside them too.

    4.Maybe it got caught in the sleeve of your coat/ jersey when you took it off? Check the floor and check the coat!

    5.Check the dirty laundry basket for the same reason.

    6.Check the ironing basket.

    7.If you changed your sheets over the weekend maybe if fell off and got wrapped up in them?
    Also check by the bed, it may have dropped off when you made it.

    I always put my watch on the night dresser. It wasn’t there one morning and I could have sworn that is where I had left it the night before. I did. But one of the cats knocked it off and obviously played with it. I found it days later on the other side of the bedroom

    8.Check the washing machine/tumble dryer.

    9.Check the cat’s box , if you have one.

    10.Gross as it is, check the bins. The house bin and the outside bin. Or pay some to do it for you!

    11/ Check around pot plants you may have watered on Sunday or any bot of the garden you may have tended.

    And you could always phone the Police Station..maybe, just maybe someone handed it in?

    If all this turns up a blank pick up the cat and listen if she ticks?

    The headache is probably from the tension/stress; or the sulfides from the wine – which is why I hardly ever drink wine anymore.

    • There are some of your places I have not looked yet, thanks for the tips Ark. As for the headache, I refuse to accept that the wine could be the cause 😉 even if it is most probable 🙂

      • Let me know if it turns up?

        As fr the wine. lol…Seriously, the sulfides did have an adverse effect on me, and I only noticed the difference when I drank some wine from Woolies that was free of sulfides.
        But over the years I have gradually veered away from alcohol and hardly drink at all these days.

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