Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week (35)

56982359_d9ufRq_1389097927pet1 pet2 Pet3


 Joining in on the fun is super easy:

1. Just simply do your post. (Pet or any animals)

2.  Link your URL to the widget below in order to be added to the roundup at the end of the week.

(please add the challenge logo to your post)

Week 35 is open

 Please add the URL of your particular pets post for this challenge, and not the URL of  your entire blog. 🙂





60 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week (35)

  1. Have a lovely Tuesday Michelle, I see that
    you have already added your pet pictures
    and they look absolutely great 🙂

    Andro xxxx

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      • i went back an lewked and yes i did week # 34 last week i am very religious bout my pet challege posts and spent a lot of time doing that blog last week,,pinged back and also put in mr linky also..so ? i am mia..i kew sumprin was not right when i went and saw this yesterday,,but is ok,,,i put it in todays linky,hope that is okay, i am particularily proud of my pics ogf my kat o mally and hoped all cat lovers would see that one on top,,ok bye michgelle have a great week. Q,,and will post another pet challenge pic today also.. peace out .

      • Sorry Q, I have no idea what happened to your Mr Linky link, I only use Mr Linky for round up as its the only way I can keep count of the entries.
        Sorry again Q. 😦

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  5. The most beautiful entries ever Michelle and as usual your collage makes them just more beautiful. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥

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  15. We’re a bit late for the challenge, after all the working on the blog, but here we are, Hope, with our entree. Last weeks’ photos were so gorgeous, we have to see all the entries of this week now. Can’t wait. We put Binky’s linky again in Mr. Linky. Pawkisses for a Wonderful Weekend 🙂

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